What Our Clients Say

Vivian Smith

The Harrison at Reston Town Center

Thank you for stepping in and helping us diagnose the problem on our brand new generator.  It was not working from installation and there were at least 4 vendors that came to assess the problem and your team picked up on what the problem was right away.   The picture attached labeled “as is” was the position that the regulator was installed in during construction here at The Harrison.  The next image entitled “regulator as it should be installed” is the way the regulator should have been installed.  The final picture is of our generator.

Everyone missed the regulator cap except for your expert team.  Your guys are courteous and professional and they really care about making sure they fully repair all they can before they leave the site.  In this case, their diagnosis saved us a ton of money and the icing on the cake is that they left everything clean and gave me full reports as the work went on.  I am truly grateful for the help and expertise.  Might I add that the charges were fair, also.

Buddy Donaldson

SugarOak Corporation

With over 30 years of association with the Tyler Companies I have nothing but praise. Tyler Service Solutions represents the most professional,  highest level of quality and the best-trained personnel in the industry.  This type of commitment by the ownership of the company has always been something I admire. Tyler Service Solutions is the kind of company contractors search for but rarely find. “Every day is another opportunity to excel” and Tyler Service Solutions does!


Bill Verno

RB Properties

Tyler Service Services is a company that is truly and actually PROFESSIONAL.

Now I know that’s easy to say and is something a lot of people are so quick to resort to giving as a compliment. But believe it or not, really TRUE professionals are a rare breed, especially nowadays.

Professionals actually care about their work. They are extensively knowledgeable at all services that they offer. They don’t offer services that are just an “add-on” to inflate their menu of offerings simply to make more revenue.

This IS Tyler Service Solutions. For instance, when asked to submit a proposal, they look at a job entirely. They look at ALL possibilities of how a job can be executed. They usually will give more than one way a job can be approached all while being economically mindful.

If you have an “unusual” situation, this is where TYLER shines. They are experts at thinking “out-of-the-box”. When you think the solution to your unusual situation is too difficult, TYLER comes in and looks at every angle, side, level and possibly to submit a solution that will not only be out-of-the-box savvy but will work better than you could have ever expected.

And they are determined to ensure a successfully completed job. They don’t let time, environmental conditions or unforeseen job setbacks influence their ability to successfully complete the job at hand.

If you have HVAC and/or Plumbing needs, call TYLER and let TRUE professionals propose your next job.

Professional, yup that’s TYLER. How refreshing!

Joseph Collingswood

AM King Group

I am sending this email to say something nice about Butch Beard your Project Manager even though he has enough to keep him busy keeping up with his own work when his people bite off more than they can chew Butch is always on site helping them out of a tough spot! I remember this about Butch from the original warehouse that AM King built here 11 years ago! Butch did a great job for us then and he is doing a great job for AM King again. When we come back into this market again we will look you and Butch up, thanks for all your help.

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